Waffles with nutella and strawberry7,00€
English breakfastHALAL2 eggs, grill tomato, mushroom, toast, beans, chicken sausage9,00€
Omelet with prawns and asparagus10,00€
ShakshukaTomato sauce, peppers and onion, poached eggs10,00€
Poached eggAvocado, cheese, salmon, hollandaise sauce and poached eggs12,00€


Sandwich with fresh guacamole and almondsVEGAN8,00€
Sandwich with jamon10,00€
Sandwich with chicken and cheese HALAL11,00€
Sandwich with salmon, egg, avocado and cheese13,00€
Sandwich with Roast BeefHALAL14,00€


Bruschetta with guacamole and almondsVEGAN6,00€
Bruschetta with jamon7,00€
Bruschetta with Mozzarella, Cherry tomato and pesto sauce7,00€
Bruschetta with salmon, cheese and avocado9,00€
Bruschetta with Roast BeefHALALBeef, sautéed spinach, special sauce9,00€


French fry3,50€
Fried sweet potatoes4,00€
Patata Brava5,50€
Chicken nuggets9,00€
Fried squid9,00€
Salmon Tartar16,00€
Cheese plate25,00€
Fruit plate30,00€
Tapas combo plateGarlic prawns, patata brava, bread with tomato, ham, padron peppers, chorizo20,00€


Chicken BurgerHALALTomato, cucumber, onion, tzatziki sauce, lettuce12,00€
Beef BurgerHALALTomato, cucumber, calypso sauce, lettuce, onion13,00€
Double WOW CheeseburgerHALAL2 veal chops, tomatoes, cheese sauce16,00€


Greek saladfresh vegetables, onion, olives and Feta cheese10,00€
Green saladBroccoli, cucumber, avocado, zucchini, spinach9,00€
Burrata salad with tomato RosaBurrata, Rosa tomato, arugula and pesto sauce15,00€
Chicken Caesar saladLettuce, cherry, egg, parmesan, Caesar sauce12,00€
Caesar salad with prawnsLettuce, prawns, cherry, egg, parmesan, Caesar sauce13,00€
Caesar salad with salmonLettuce, salmon, cherry, egg, parmesan, Caesar sauce13,00€
Poke Bowl chickenCucumber, tomato, avocado, seaweed, corn, rice/quinoa12,00€
Poke Bowl prawnCucumber, tomato, avocado, seaweed, corn, rice/quinoa13,00€
Poke Bowl salmonCucumber, tomato, avocado, seaweed, corn, rice/quinoa13,00€

Main dish

Pork ribs with barbecue sauce17,00€
SaltimboccaHALALRoast potato, chicken breast, ham and mozzarella18,00€
Beef tenderloinHALAL25,00€
Galician style gilthead15,00€
Tuscany salmon20,00€
Grilled octopus with potato cream20,00€
Steak Tomahawk (1,5 kg)HALAL80,00€

Fresh pasta

Pasta Carbonara14,00€
Chicken and mushroom pasta14,00€
Salmon pasta16,00€
Pasta with seafood17,00€
Pasta with pesto, burrata and shrimp ceviche19,00€
Pasta with Truffle20,00€


PhiladelphiaAvocado, cucumber, salmon, Philadelphia cheese14,00€
Philadelphia DeluxeSalmon, avocado, cucumber, shrimp, Philadelphia cheese, Tobiko caviar15,00€
California SalmonSalmon, cucumber, Tobiko caviar, Philadelphia cheese, avocado14,00€
California PrawnsPrawns, cucumber, Tobiko caviar, avocado, Philadelphia cheese15,00€
CanadaAnguila, pepino, salmón, unagi, queso Philadelphia15,00€
Hot Panko Roll with PrawnsShrimp, cucumber, Tobiko caviar, Philadelphia cheese16,00€
Hot Panko Roll with EelEel, cucumber, Tobiko caviar, Philadelphia cheese16,00€
Carmens Set (48 pcs.)70,00€


Chocolate fondant7,00€
Ice cream7,00€
Meringue with fruit and ice cream9,00€